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Realizada por: Sasha , Lunes 23 de Marzo de 2020 , 3 respuestas Medellin (Colombia)

Hi, I am currently in Medellin but dont speak spanish well enough to describe my problem. I need to see someone because I have really bad insomnia (I am already taking 10mg escitalopram for anxiety and it has been 2 months but my sleep is not super improving) - I may need to change the medication or something. Thank you


hello that such, i suggest you to get close to a therapist certified in behavioral cognitive techniques for the modification of behavior. greetings sospsicologofer therapeutic attention on line

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Comitan de Dominguez

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My pleasure to meet you. You need professional help there. A neurologist, or psychiatrist because they are the ones who can give you a recipe for your insomnia case. I leave you my personal number, so you can contact me by whatsapp. +005804120873396 Dr. Neftalí Pérez

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Hola. Debes consultar a un psiquiatra para que regule su medicación.

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Lic. Zulema Fredriksson

Avellaneda Y Quilmes

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