Couples Therapy Expert  (Terapia de Pareja)

Couples Therapy Expert (Terapia de Pareja)

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    Couples Therapy Expert  (Terapia de Pareja)
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Acerca de Couples Therapy Expert (Terapia de Pareja)

Centro Premium en la ciudad de Tijuana

A Psychologist that Specializes IN COUPLE THERAPY Pablo Barraza focuses on "DIVORCE PREVENTION". Couples therapy comes to offer real alternatives before contemplating ending a relationship. The therapeutic model used is a Brief one that allows creating lasting solutions in a short period of time. As a Clinical Sexologist he also address questions, concerns and orientation of a sexual nature as well as all possible problems in this important area of ​​being.

Psicosoluciones was created in 2011 by the psychologist Pablo Barraza in the company of a group of professional mental health psychologists, with the joint interest of improving people's quality of life through the use of scientifically proven psychotherapeutic processes in the attention, accompaniment and psychological treatment. Under these premises, Psicosoluciones opened its doors to offer support to individuals, couples and families who are going through difficult situations, who wish to receive support in order to increase their quality of life or wish to face specific psychological, affective, relational or social problems .

Psicosoluciones was developed from an integrative vision, where the interventions aim to achieve positive changes in the lives of their patients, in the shortest possible time. Always attending to the bio-psycho-social premises that integrate all individuals.


  • Adolescentes
  • Adultos
  • Ansiedad, Depresión, Estrés
  • Dependencia emocional
  • Fobias
  • Modificación de la Conducta
  • Orientación Conductista
  • Pánico, Relajación, Habilidades sociales
  • Sexología. Trastornos de la sexualidad
  • Terapia de Pareja
  • Terapia Virtual
  • Trastornos Obsesivos Compulsivos
  • Tratamiento del Estrés Postraumático

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Calle Tercera, 1253 - B, Zona Centro, Tijuana, México


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Maria - 16/02/2015 21:45

Excelente Psicologo y terapia, efectiva para resolver problemas de pareja.

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